Our Mission

St. Mark’s is a diverse and inclusive Episcopal Church on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We are committed to expressing God’s love through worship, education, service, social justice activism, and celebration of the arts.  Our congregation practices radical welcome, accepting all who wish to experience God as part of a loving and active community.  Wherever you are in your religious or spiritual journey, of whatever faith or background, we invite you to join us as we work to live out God’s love in the world.

Who We Are

St. Mark’s is a church with a history as long and meandering as the history of European settlement in Manhattan. We are the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in New York City and the burial site of Peter Stuyvesant and other founding families of New York. Today we are a progressive Episcopal Church, a center for modern dance, ballet, poetry, and a community gathering space for the East Village.

We have a deep commitment to social justice. We believe that Jesus through the gospels calls us to imagine and work for a just society and to care for the earth.

We are a growing congregation. That means you might be one of many visitors on a Sunday among many new members. We are a young and diverse congregation. You might find that the ministry you expected to be in place in our church is just getting started. You can start something new.

Read more about our worship services and other events, how to become a member, or about our arts partners that make their home at St. Mark’s.