support us

Whether you are a longtime member or just visiting St. Mark’s for the first time, we welcome your support of any amount. Unlike some churches in Manhattan, we have no endowment to fund the upkeep of our landmarked building or to support our ministries. We depend on our arts partners and the generosity of our congregation and visitors to do our important work in the world.

How to Give

Donations can be given as a one time or recurring gift. This can either be done online here, bringing your offering to our Sunday service, or mailing a check to our office.


A pledge is your yearly promise to support St. Mark’s with money, a lot or a little. Pledging money is one part of stewardship — how individuals and the church use the gifts God has given to make a difference for good in the world.

Your pledge allows us to plan our budget in advance by letting us know when and how much you will contribute. You are welcome to honor the pledge you have made as a single gift or by installments (i.e. weekly, biweekly, or monthly).

Pledging can be done at any time during the year by submitting the online pledge form below, or by filling out a pledge form in person and placing it in the offering plate during Sunday service or mailing it to the office. (Learn more about our 2018 stewardship campaign.)

Online Pledge Card