Prayers For Orlando

Our hearts are broken, our minds are reeling, and so we come before you, Holy One, God of peace and comfort, laying our concerns at your feet, seeking solace, courage, and hope for a better day. May your Church’s voice be strong and clear, and our actions effective and swift, toward the goal of an end to gun violence and hatred.

Protect all places of refuge and safety, of solidarity and celebration, because the road to justice is long and we need our strength, and our friends.

Inspire first responders, police and EMTs, therapists and coroners, health care workers and all who sacrifice much in service of the common good to respond with compassion, respect, and skill.

Bless our Muslim brothers and sisters, especially in this month of Ramadan.

Remind us to pray for those who inspire hatred, for those governed by fear, especially for the leaders of the ISIL, for the soul of the man who committed the massacre in Orlando, and for all considering similar violence.

Comfort and sustain all who are afraid, and all who mourn.

May we remember those throughout history who have suffered violence and death because of their sexual orientation, or ethnicity, or religious persecution.

Fill our hearts with compassion, transform our grief into commitment to follow the example of Jesus until all live in dignity, safety, and peace.


O God, in whose image all people are made, Have mercy on us.

O Jesus, healer and lover of all souls, Have mercy on us.

O Holy Spirit, source of courage and hope, Have mercy on us.

Holy Trinity, divine community, gather us as one, Have mercy on us.

We weep as Rachel for her children, Hear our prayer.

We weep for the victims of Orlando and everywhere, Hear our prayer.

We weep for the victims of Emmanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina a year ago, Hear our prayer.

We weep for those who are killed or injured by guns daily in our nation, Hear our prayer.

We weep for the perpetrators of violence and hate, Hear our prayer.

We weep over our country and our world as Jesus wept over Jerusalem, Hear our prayer.

We pray healing for those wounded in body or spirit, Hear our prayer.

We long for mercy and truth to make a home with each other where righteousness and peace embrace, Hear our prayer.

Help us to end a culture of violence and the fetish of guns, We fervently pray, O God.

Inspire our earthly rulers to break open old arguments and act for the common good, We fervently pray, O God.

Lead us in examining our own consciences for the remnants of prejudice and hate within us, We fervently pray, O God.

 Give your LGBT… children the courage to be and the equal dignity of every human being, We fervently pray, O God.

Keep us from acting out of our fear to brand others as enemies, We fervently pray, O God.

Protect our brothers and sisters of Islam, that they may live in the peace which is their true proclamation, We fervently pray, O God

 Surround us with your loving arms, draw us together across lines of religion, sexual orientation, and all those many ways we separate ourselves from one another, We fervently pray, O God.

Inspire us to act in ways that bring all people closer to your promised reign of peace, We fervently pray, O God.

For the dead we pray, Lord have mercy.

For the wounded we pray, Christ have mercy.

For a transformed world we pray, Lord have mercy.

Let us pray.

O God of deep compassion and abounding mercy, in whose trust is our perfect peace: Draw near to us in this time of anguish, anxiety and anger, receive the dead into your eternal care, comfort those who mourn, strengthen those who are wounded or in despair, turn our anger into the conviction to act, channel our passion to end our dependence on violence for our sense of security, and lead us all to greater trust in you and in your image found in the entire human family; through Jesus the Christ, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns among us and eternally.  Amen.

From the Liturgy for the Tragedy in Orlando, at St. Mary's Episicopal Church, St. Paul, Minnesota, June 14th, 2016. The Rev. Michael W. Hopkins, copyright © 2016, Epiphany Esources, 67 E. Main St., Hornell, NY 14843. adapted by The Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton.