Stewardship Season Begins

As we enter stewardship season, we ask that you prayerfully consider all the ways in which the church and community have impacted your lives. As a community, we offer a diverse and inclusive space for worship, service, social justice activism, and celebration of the arts. We accept all who wish to experience God as part of a loving and active community, inviting all to join us wherever they are in their religious or spiritual journey.

We tangibly serve those in need through our weekly Food Pantry, look to make a difference in our society through our Dismantling Racism/The New Jim Crow Group, and have broken ground on the long-awaited accessibility ramp as a way to outwardly demonstrate our spirit of radical welcome.

The stewardship season invites us to deepen our commitment to the parish.  During November, we consider the financial needs of the church and how we can materially support the life of our community. As most of you know, we have no endowment to maintain the building and grounds or to fund our ministries. It is though our arts partners and your generosity that we are able to continue our important work in the world.

Why Pledge?

A pledge of financial support is a spiritual commitment to help fund the ministries of St. Mark's. It indicates a special level of commitment to our community and allows us to plan a budget for the year to come, including all the programming and worship that sustain our community.

We invite every member of St. Mark's and our online family to consider renewing your annual pledge of financial support, or if you are not yet a pledging member, to consider becoming one.

How Much Do I Give? Giving is a personal decision, to be prayerfully discerned. All financial contributions to St. Mark's of any amount are welcome.

The amount of your pledge will be kept confidential, and if your circumstances change after you have made your pledge, you can notify the Office to adjust the amount.

How Do I Make a Pledge for 2017? To pledge online, please click here to fill out our online pledge form. You can also pledge in person by filling out pledge cards, which will  be mailed to the congregation on the week of November 6, 2016. They will also be available at the church during service or on weekdays 10AM-4PM in the office.

Once you have pledged, your donations for 2017 can be given as a one-time gift or by periodic installments such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly over the course of the year.

You can set up the installments online here or bring/mail them to church. All pledging households will also receive offering envelopes that may be put in the collection plate during service or mailed to the office.

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