April 16, 2017

Peace Be With You

Thank you! I have grown through the opportunities to preach, celebrate, visit you pastorally, work with vestry and various committees, explore The New Jim Crow, Palm Sunday witness in the East Yard, connect with residents in the neighborhood, and delight in the unique gifts of music, worship, and witness that St. Mark’s offers to the church and world. […]

April 15, 2017

Easter Vigil

Darkness to light.  Sin to redemption.  Bondage to freedom.  The Easter Vigil recounts stories from the Hebrew Scriptures of how God continually leads the Israelites to new life.  The liturgy begins with story telling, moves through the renewal of baptismal vows, into the joy of the resurrection.  This year Polina Belimova and Jeannine Otis and […]

April 8, 2017

Holy Week: The Personal is Political

Episcopal ethics, or more formally Anglican Moral Theology, assumes that worship, prayer, and reason form believers’ character and conscience. Believers’ actions and prayers in the world in turn help create more love and justice in an ongoing process of social and personal sanctification, growth in Christ and in our witness to God’s justice, healing, and […]

April 1, 2017

Cross and T-Shirt Witness

During Holy Week, about 100 bamboo crosses will be covered with T-shirts, each of which will have a name of someone under 11 years old who has been a victim of gun violence in the past year.  It’s a stunning witness to a particularly American issue that is too easy to ignore or assume is “normal.”  Here’s the history […]

March 25, 2017

Learning to Love More

It’s Monday morning. I’m sitting on a balcony in layers of clothes and a blanket, watching a sky that’s mostly gray blue still, with streaks of pinky orange. For twenty four hours now the ocean has been fierce, row after row of pounding waves crashing on rocks—the sea birds seem continually surprised at how wet […]

March 18, 2017

Theology and Resistance

How can Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theology and life help contemporary U.S. Christians resist Trump’s agenda of white supremacy, xenophobia, and the creation of economic, judicial, and political chaos? Last week, as part of our Lenten discussions, Paul Feuerstein led a first discussion of excerpts from “Life Together,” introducing us briefly to Bonhoeffer’s life and context. We talked […]

March 11, 2017

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Imagine that you have been following Jesus for a while, watching him heal people, hearing him preach, seeing him welcome outcasts and eat with sinners and argue with religious authorities. You’re with other disciples one day when Jesus turns to you to ask, “Who do you say that I am?” You can listen to others’ […]

March 4, 2017

The Spirit of St. Mark’s

St. Mark’s has its own unique spirit, as anyone who has found a home here – and some folks who have not – knows. But there is more to this spirit than just the character of a congregation. Exploring this idea may be helpful in the transition from interim to “settled” rector. Walter Wink applies […]

March 4, 2017

St. Mark’s Immigrant Solidarity Group

Interested in the NYC Sanctuary Movement and other efforts to protect immigrants and refugees in our community? St. Mark’s members are organizing to decide how we will engage in the Sanctuary Movement. Participate in the conversation and stay informed by joining the St. Mark’s Immigrant Solidarity Google Group. Send an email to to be […]

February 25, 2017

A Letter from our Next Rector

Dear People of St. Mark’s, I am honored and humbled to serve as the 14th Rector of St. Mark’s in the Bowery. Having read St. Mark’s is Dead, written by the talented Ada Calhoun, about the vibrant past of both St. Mark’s and the East Village, I can only begin to imagine the exciting and […]

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